DIY Closet Audit Part 1/2

You’re staring at your closet and can’t stand anything. You probably have ‘nothing to wear’ and have outworn your favorite outfits three ways and back. Chances are you have great pieces and are unsure what to wear with them OR most of it really is absolute shit. Either way, it’s never to late to revamp your image and build a wardrobe you absolutely love. 

The average person only utilizes 30% of thier closet; regardless if they are male or female. By the end of this DIY Closet Audit, you should at minimum double that number. There will still be a few pieces that will hang out in the back; the evening dresses, furs and limited edition pieces you wouldn’t wear every day. 

Before beginning this closet, let me paint a picture of how things will play out. 

  1. This will take more than one day to complete depending on the size of your closet. 
  2. It’s ok to purge most of it. Don’t be afraid by how much is leaving; it’s dead weight and is taking up space in your closet. CRUCIAL: You can’t build a new wardrobe with out making room for it…PURGE. (I will tell you how and what you should let go of)
  3. Do not have any friends with you while doing your closet audit. You have to be self inspired and TRUST your intuition. You know yourself better than anyone else and when you have an influence in the room, it’s nothing but a distraction. FOCUS. 

Alright! Let’s get started…

  1. Gather the following; trash bags, full length mirror and your confidence. 
  2. Before beginning, it’s exceptionally important to keep in mind what look we are going for. What does that mean?… Well, ask yourself the following: what inspires me? Am I dressing for the job I have or the job I WANT? What is my style: sophisticated chic? Casual chic? Full time professional? ALL BLACK IS NOT A STYLE. Identify your lifestyle and let’s wardrobe accordingly.
  3. Now that you have in mind the look you want to go for, let’s keep that the primary focus. MEANING: if your lifestyle is working an office job but you’re also a socialite after hours, then you would focus on having tailored separates as well as your night out looks in the closet. Anything beyond that is unnecessary. 
  4. Here comes the work: take out ALL accessories, shoes and scarves. I mean ALL! Belts, jewelry, handbags etc. lay them on the floor or bed. 
  5. Place the full length mirror and get a good look. Now repeat after me: hey sexy. Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get down to business. 
  6. Separate your closet by the following(no specific order): dresses, suits, pants, blazers, tops, gym cloths, furs/coats, sweaters and an other pile. 
  7. Begin with dresses and if you’re male, start with suits. Revisit and try on EVERY dress/suit. It’s so important to try things on, once you do it will give you an idea if it’s worth keeping or not. We fluctuate in our weight and more importantly, out taste in fashion and what we like changes. Try it all on. ALL OF IT. If you look in the mirror and you don’t LOVE IT, throw it in the trash bag. I DONT CARE HOW MUCH WAS SPENT ON IT OR IF YOUR EX GAVE IT AS A GIFT: if it does not compliment you, TOSS IT. Look at it this way, if you ran into your enemy, would you want them to see you in it? DIDNT THINK SO.
  8. Keep in mind some pieces my have potential . If it is your absolute favorite but doesn’t fit perfectly, partner with an experienced tailor to adjust accordingly and give it the update it needs. 
  9. Revisit the rest of the pieces in your closet making piles either in a trash bag or placing them back in your closet.

The steps above should take you some time. Don’t underestimate how important it is to revisit everything and clear out the bad. 

Let me know in the comments below how you did so far and Part 2/3 will be posted soon. 

Happy Purging!! 


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